Fake IDs: Using Real Vs. Fake Information

Possessing a fake ID may be an offense under the law, but no one can deny its place in the US lifestyle. Although unintended, when Congress passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act in 1984, it inevitably entrenched the use of fake ID as part of US culture. Of all things, you don’t want the highlight of your 21st birthday to be the ability to drink beer without looking over your shoulders for prowling cops. Getting a fake ID ensures you don’t become a late bloomer in the copious world of booze and fun. However, the issue of using real vs. fake information for a fake ID remains unresolved.

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  1. Should I use my Real Name on my Fake ID?

While some believe it’s best to fabricate fake information for your fake ID, others argue that retaining your real details is safer. However, at Topfakeid, we think that it’s neither here nor there.

Whether it’s best to use real or fake information depends on the particular information. For instance, if you’re less than 21 years old and need a fake license to gain access to clubs, it only makes sense to use a fake date of birth for your ID.

Also, using a real or fake name, address, date of birth, issue date, etc. comes with different pros and cons and risk levels. Knowing the bogus identification advantages, disadvantages, and risk levels of each information helps you make the best choice.

It’s rewarding that a fake identity card admits you into venues the law forbids you and offers you the enjoyment of age-restricted products, but don’t get carried away that you forget to take initial precautions. This article will show you the implications of using real vs. fake information for your fake IDs.

Should I use my Real Name on my Fake ID?

Your name is one of the essential pieces of information your ID carries. Asking if you should put your real name on your phony ID is a common question college students like you have to deal with when they want the best phony ID.

Regardless of popular opinions, using a real name or fake name on a counterfeit ID should depend on what you consider most important to you. The name of your id is as important as a good fake id photo.

We understand the logic behind wondering if you should use your real name on a fraudulent ID. Considering that a fake license is illegal, it seems only logical that it should carry a fake name. However, you will find it helpful to consider the argument for and against using a counterfeit id with your real name now that you want to get a bogus id.

While those who advocate for using a fake name argue that it reduces the chances of getting caught, those who insist on putting real name on fake license claim it guarantees lenient punishment if you get caught.

Some scenarios validate the point of getting a bogus identity card with a fake name. In such scenarios, knowing that your real name is not on a fake drivers license could be an advantage.

Pros of Fake ID With a Real Name

It reduces the likelihood of you getting caught when the ID lands in the wrong hands. An example of such a scenario is when you misplace your fake card. Of course, if a phony identity card with your real name lands in the hands of a cop, it would be easier to catch you than when the name is fake. There are bogus information generating services online that you can use to make up information.

However, having a bogus license with a fake name complicates your charges if you get caught eventually. Unlike a fraudulent license with a real name, a fake identity card with a fake name is a different class of offense with more severe punishments. We will look at this in detail in the following sections.

While using a fake name to produce your phony ID may be a smart idea, some people believe that using your real name is a proactive move. To them, using your real name is less heinous and provides a better advantage if you get caught with a bogus ID.

This group believes that since you could get caught with a fake driver license, a wise precaution would be to ensure you get the most lenient penalty possible. Based on some legal interpretations, they believe that the penalty for fake identity card with real name is safer and less likely to affect your future than the punishments for a fake ID with a fake name.

Pros & Cons Of Using Real Vs. Fake Name on Fake IDs

Generally, fake ID offenses are classified either as a misdemeanor or a felony. If you get caught, you will most likely be charged with one or more classes of a misdemeanor. The charges for a counterfeit ID may include felony if you made the ID yourself or produced IDs for others. The punishments for misdemeanor and felony may differ depending on circumstances and the state. Below is how it might play out when using a real vs. fake name for an id.

1. Scenario 1: Fake ID with Real Name

If you get caught with a fake ID with your real name, it’s a misdemeanor. For this offense, you may get a ticket for Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor, a Class C misdemeanor. You don’t need to hire the best lawyer to dismiss this ticket on such lenient terms as a fine, an alcoholic awareness class, or some hours of community service.

Negotiating for dismissal becomes easier when you use your real name for a fake driving license. Getting your case dismissed ensures you don’t have to worry about the consequences that being convicted of a crime could cause you in the future. Also, it ensures that you get a reduced penalty for using a fake identity card.

2. Scenario 2: Fake ID with Fake Name

Getting caught using a phony id with a fake name is often interpreted as identity theft. It doesn’t matter if the name you used is fictitious or not. Unlike Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor, Identity Fraud is a Class A Misdemeanor. This makes it a more serious offense that could end in a heavy fine and jail term, even if you borrowed someone else’s valid ID.

In this scenario, negotiating for dismissal is a long shot. Worse still, the fine could go as high as $4,000 depending on the state and the circumstances of the case. 

Also, Identity Fraud is seen as a crime of moral depravity. When you get convicted, it will reduce your future opportunities, especially in getting employment positions that require a license, like a doctor, accountant, lawyer, teacher, etc. Getting convicted also means that the police and newspapers will publish your mugshot.

Like we said earlier, there are advantages to each of the above scenarios, whether you decide to use a real or fake name on your ID. So when you find yourself asking – should I use my real name for a counterfeit license, always apply the advantages and the consequences if you get caught as a guide. Also, you may get a more functional answer to the question – should fake ID have real name, if you consider the duration and how frequently you plan to use the fake ID. Consider the risks of each scenario based on the peculiarities of your circumstance.

Should you use your Real Address for a Fake ID?

The popular opinion is that you should use your real address on your fake ID in case a bouncer asks you to say your address. Unlike some details and features of your ID, one of the things you can’t successfully claim that you don’t know is your address. 

However, like the case of real vs. fake names, how to pick a fake ID address has its controversy also. It’s often interesting to find college students asking for fake ID address tips. These users understand that knowing how to use a fake ID without getting caught depends on a thorough understanding of the ID.

Again, there are varying opinions regarding whether to use a real or fake address on your fake ID. So, if you ask what address I use for a fake ID, let your need for the ID be your guide. Like deciding whether to use a real or fake name, using a real or fake address has implications. These implications could be an advantage in some scenarios and a disadvantage in others.

Since we recommend that how to choose a fake ID address should depend on the use to which you want to apply the ID, let’s look at some common reasons why people order fake IDs. 

  • Access to Alcohol, Bars & Clubs:

At Topfakeid, we help teenagers and college students like you experience the fun they only imagine through our top-quality counterfeit IDs. When you need a fake ID to satisfy your appetite for alcohol and build unforgettable memories with your college friends, then using your real address for a fake ID is of little or no consequence. 

The only disadvantage to using your real address is that it leads straight to you if your fake ID falls in the hands of a cop. Sometimes, the police may not bother tracing you to your home, but assuming you lost the ID in a wild party that ended in a brawl that left people injured, you should expect the police. However, note that using a fake address doesn’t automatically render you untraceable; it only stalls the process.

  • Gambling:

In addition to alcohol and gaining access to age-restricted parties, some people use fake IDs to register on online gambling sites. Like brick-and-mortar casinos, most online gambling websites have age restrictions. These sites often request some means of identification to ensure they keep out people who don’t meet up with their requirements.

Aside from age, people also buy fake IDs to access different online platforms that restrict them from enjoying the platform’s benefits based on nationality, sex, etc. For example, some freelancers use fake IDs to claim they come from a country, especially when it would guarantee them a particular contract.

In the case of online gambling, using a real or fake address on your fake ID has no significance, considering that the important information is your age. However, in the freelancer scenario, using a fake address for your fake ID will help convince the client that you come from the location you claim.

Should you use your Real Birthday on a Fake ID?

Most teenagers like you buy fake IDs to enable them to explore their age-restricted cravings for alcohol. So, it only makes sense to use a fake date of birth on a fake ID.

The official Minimum Drinking Age is 21 across the entire US. When buying a fake ID, you need to choose a date that makes you over 21 when a bouncer runs a fake ID date of birth check.

How to Know the Issue Date for a Fake ID?

When bouncers feel particularly efficient, they can use the issue date to tell if your ID is fake. Every valid ID has an issue date which determines the expiry date. 

Professional fake ID makers know the validity period for every state’s ID. This knowledge helps them choose fake ID issue date vs expiration date that bouncers won’t find suspicious.  

If you’re getting a fake ID for a particular event or party, it would be less suspicious if the issue date is not the same or close to the date of the party. A thorough bouncer might pick on that until you spill the truth. Also, it would be best if the issue date on a fake ID is not on the weekend.


The idea of learning how to use a fake ID is to ensure you don’t get caught. However, sometimes you might run out of luck or make a mistake that gives away the fact that your ID is fake.

When you get caught, understand that bouncers are not vicious creatures out to get you. You don’t have to put up a nasty attitude when a bouncer confiscates your ID. They don’t get paid much; sometimes, keeping your ID for some minutes is a trick to get you to offer them money. Ensure that you have calmly asked for your ID before you offer them money.

However, if a bouncer insists on keeping your ID, cut your losses and leave. It’s better to miss out on one event than to face the charges for getting caught with a fake ID. 

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