Fake ID Guide: How to Use or Spot a fake ID

Fun is not part of the college curriculum. Students like you go the extra mile to take control of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Guess what? Like swimming, learning to use a fake ID is a survival skill you should have. A quality fake ID is your ticket to extracurricular activities. Learning how to use a fake ID ensures your fantasies become your own.

Table Of Contents

  1. Fake ID Tips: How to Use a Fake ID
  2. How to Get In With Confidence
  3. Fake ID Tips: How to Spot a Fake ID?
  4. Spot a Fake ID by Components
  5. 1. Barcode
  6. 2. Holograms
  7. 3. Raised Text
  8. How Are Fake IDs Spotted?
  9. Components of a Fake ID in 2023
  10. What to Do When Handing Over Your Fake ID?
  11. The End Goal
  12. What Happens If You’re Caught?

A big part of the college experience and essentially the growing up experience involves exploring the hottest clubs in town and throwing outrageous parties, both of which involve copious amounts of booze.

Now, if you are a freshman unlucky so far in the age department, these nights of craziness and fun will be off-limits to you unless your fairy godmother, the fake ID, bibbidi bobbidis you into an adult. Like Prometheus brought fire to mankind, the fake ID comes as a true savior for hapless souls destined to spend the night far away from all the festivities.

Fake ID Tips: How to Use a Fake ID

Remember, the last commandment is not to get caught. You don’t want to get fined, work hours of community service, or worse still, serve a jail term for getting caught with a fake ID. So, while a fake ID offers you the best experience, don’t get so carried that you forget to be on guard.

Aside from the punishments that follow the offense, you will lose your credibility in your circle of friends speeding on fake ID highways to destinations of fun forbidden for your age. Keeping you away from the cravings that burn your appetites every day because you haven’t attained a certain age is not fair.

As long as you feel ready, you shouldn’t have to wait forever to decide when you should indulge your desires. Search terms like how to use a fake ID Reddit are common among American college students like you because no one wants to wait for the things they’re ready to do.

In the end, life is about the experiences you’ve gathered, and the college vibe offers you the chance to charge into it like a bull. You don’t want to be that person at the end of life’s curve regretting all the fun you didn’t have during what may likely be the best time of your life.

Why Knowing How to Use a Fake ID is Essential.

Let’s look down a bit into the American history that made drinking alcohol an appetite you’re old enough to have but not old enough to satiate until you’re 21. In the 80s and the decades before, the drinking laws pegged the age limit for alcohol intake at 18.

In those days, college teenagers didn’t have to worry about faking the age they hadn’t attained. It’s funny how everyone wants to be seen as young as possible until it comes to drinking alcohol at bars or attending parties made exclusive to people of a specific age limit.

To protect a group of people perceived as too young for alcohol, these laws spoiled the fun and laid spontaneity to rest. Fake IDs were the forbidden necromancer young people like you relied on to raise the carefree spirit of booze in bars and wild parties where age blurs into mere numbers that they are.

It was often easy to detect fake IDs back then, and many people had to be exported out of parties and bars before that gained entrance. Knowing how to use a fake ID and not get caught wasn’t a skill people considered necessary, and making quality fake IDs wasn’t the art form it has become today.

Freedom to Fake it: The National Minimum Drinking Age Act

The fake ID business wasn’t booming, especially because picture IDs weren’t popular in those days. In some states, details like a photo or date of birth weren’t essential information for a driving license. The days of unrestrained fun changed in 1984 when Mothers Against Drunk Driving, a nonprofit, joined forces with Frank Lautenberg, the senator of New Jersey, to push the National Minimum Drinking Age Act. The clever bill ensured nationwide compliance and constitutionally required every state not to have a drinking age lower than 21.

As you would expect, this ushered Americans into the age of faking their ages to qualify to enjoy the good things of life. The fake ID market found its place in America and keeps waxing strong in the booming demand for quality fake IDs. However, authorities have improved their skills in spotting fake IDs. This means that more than getting a quality ID, you need to play your part by learning how to use a fake ID.

Perhaps you are one whose browser history is littered with search terms like how to use a fake ID with confidence in Reddit. Search no more. This article will show you how to embody the attitude that makes using a fake ID effortless.

Instances of people using fake IDs before the 1980s are few and far between. The reason for that is simple – drinking laws weren’t in place and seeing that drinking is the primary reason the average American teenager buys a fake, people didn’t need to. Cases like Kurtis Blow’s use of a fake ID to advance his career were a rarity back then.

What We Know About Fake IDs Before Real ID?

Many of you reading this might not know who Kurtis Blow is, but if you ask a boomer, they might. He is a currently active rapper and pop star who was all the rage back in the 70s. Early in his career when he was only 13, he was using a fake ID to get into the hottest clubs in NYC, performing solos and building a network of DJs and industry influencers. His struggle paid off to make him one of the first rappers with a gold-selling single, to have toured overseas and to have been signed by a major label all before the age of 22.

Although Kurtis was using a fake ID to fake his age in much the same way teenagers are doing today, the difference is that his fake ID listed his age as 19. The drinking age at the time all over the US was 18 years. Oh, what a time it was to be in for today’s party-heads!

All this changed in 1984. Much like the film Django (the original one, not Unchained) redefined the Western film genre, one law redefined what it meant to be a teenager in North America.

So, it came to pass that adults who could legally vote and go off to fight the country’s wars could no longer buy a pack of beers. This was the time that the fake ID market found its place in American society to become a thriving business.

How to Get In With Confidence

These days, using a fake ID has become a game in its right. Many young people find that knowing how to use a fake ID without getting caught is an adventure a fake ID could get them into bars and clubs. You don’t want to be the guy who can’t get past the door among your peers. This is why the essential tool in how to use a fake ID hack is possessing ironclad confidence.

It isn’t just that; a fake ID is your pass to everything that makes life enjoyable – happy hour at the local bar, the pop concert you have been waiting for, or the summer break you have been planning.

Getting a quality fake ID, and not one that screams fake from a mile away, is the first and most important step on your journey to drinking paradise. The second is knowing how to actually use one.

Think about it, does it make sense when you carry an ID that claims you’re over 21 and still act like you’re 16? When you find yourself standing before the door separating you from all the enjoyable things you’ve ever wanted, how do you carry yourself when you present your ID?

Do you maintain eye contact with the doorkeeper, or are you shifty? A quality fake ID can get you into many places, but what do you do when you encounter one of those nosy bouncers that seem to smell your age from your unsure steps and uneasy smile?

We will equip you with everything you need to know about fake IDs, the important elements that make up an ID, and what bouncers actually look for when they are engaged in a staring contest with your ID. Armed with this knowledge, you won’t end up getting scammed with a sub-par fake.

Once that’s done, we will walk you through some essential tips of using a fake ID so you don’t get caught on your first rodeo. We know a good fake ID can be considerably heavy on the pocket if you are a student, and the last thing you would want is for it to be confiscated. But first let us give you a little background about why you are even in this mess.

Fake ID Vs Real ID: Mind Games

It’s all a game of the psyche. To succeed with your fake ID, you must first believe it can pass as valid. When you tender it, you have to do so like it was just printed and handed to you by the state’s governor. Your attitude should make the bouncer feel like it’s a waste of his time keeping you longer.

Getting a fake ID is the thousands of steps that take you closest to your dreams; acting the part is the final step that gets you through the door. That last step takes confidence. Your quality fake ID is your entry ticket, but confidence makes the bouncer afraid to keep you waiting. It’s a dare to the authorities to catch you if they can. That’s why learning how to use a fake ID at a bar is an adventure. It’s like a pre-show outside the main concert theater.

Fake ID Tips: How to Spot a Fake ID?

You may be wondering why you need to know how to spot a fake ID. The reason is simple – when you buy a fake ID, how will you know that it is of the best id making materials and quality if you don’t know how to spot the fake. Also, it only makes sense that you know how to tell if an ID is fake since you will be presenting one to bouncers and authorities for examination.

Knowing how to tell a fake ID is essential to learning how to use a fake ID. When you know what makes an ID fake, you know bars and clubs that can spot those features too. In other words, you know how not to get in trouble with your fake ID. Remember the last commandment – thou shalt not get caught. If you must use a fake ID, the least you should do is learn how to spot one.

Spot a Fake ID by Components

Ever since the fake ID market went crazy, states have continually been throwing things in their IDs to make them more and more difficult to copy. It makes sense; the crazier something is, the more difficult it is to copy.

Despite all the craziness going on in an ID (what with the pictures, diagrams, random shapes and who knows what else), there are three major components of any ID, real or fake. The accuracy with which these components are copied would mean the difference between you having a fun night out with friends or being led out in handcuffs.

The first thing a confident, fake ID user would argue about the title of this section is that fake IDs must have the same components as the valid type. Of course, a fake ID’s only chance to pass undetected is to become precisely like the real stuff. The components of valid IDs which a quality fake ID must imitate include:

1. Barcode

This is an integral component of any ID card. It is a scannable code on a real ID that holds key data about the person it is issued to. A barcode is meant to be an additional layer of verification on IDs in case the ID has been manipulated. A good fake ID, which is the only one you should be buying if you wish to stay out of trouble, is made with a barcode that can be scanned just like the real thing. This scannable component of valid IDs holds critical data. The barcode is an authentication measure. The popular fake id websites will often send you a replica with a scannable barcode and encoded credentials.

2. Holograms

There could be one or more of these on an ID. The hologram is an encoded component that is placed on the ID with a particular type of laser. Much like the barcode, it is an additional layer for verifying the ID’s authenticity.

Since it requires specialized equipment and the design and placement are considerably difficult to copy for an amateur, not all fake IDs manage to nail this bit. A fake ID that does not do this right will be spotted by the seasoned doorman in a second. It’s more than just your fun night out that could be put in danger. How easy is it to use a fake ID and not get caught? The punishment is more than missing out on a night of booze.

3. Raised Text

Specialized embossed texts are fairly standard in most IDs and the simplest way of telling a real from a fake. However, this is also one component of the ID that is easiest to copy. Machines that can emboss texts are easy to acquire, so even if a fake ID nails nothing else, the chances are that it will manage to get this right. Unless, of course, it is made by a 12-year-old in their mother’s attic.

A good fake ID will recreate all these essential components to match the original as best as it can. These additional layers of verification must be laid down with only the best equipment and instilled with the same functionality for them to have a chance at being passed off as originals.

How Are Fake IDs Spotted?

Each state has its own design for its IDs and a bunch of verification features thrown in. Bouncers will be very familiar with their state ID’s verification features like the size and placement of holograms, designs in the background and other identifying markers.

How a seasoned doorman will spot a fake ID is through experience, but experience comes with time. Until such a time comes, bouncers employ a number of techniques, usually focusing on one or two components of the ID, to verify their authenticity. Some of the ways they may check your ID card are as follows:IDSCAN SECURITY

  1. Microprint – Most real IDs will have a microprint on them. With the naked eye, this may look just like a straight line, but hold the ID up under a 10x magnifying glass and it will reveal text that can be used to verify the ID’s authenticity.
  2. Hidden UV Images – IDs also contain images or texts that are only revealed under UV light. Doormen or other individuals checking IDs often have a blacklight they will shine on IDs to check for these hidden components.
  3. Scannable Credentials – The barcode that we mentioned in the previous section may also be scanned to check if the ID is genuine.
  4. Holograms or Kinegram – Tilting the card under some light will also reveal holograms that all state IDs now have. These often include the state’s symbol or name.
  5. One of the easiest ways of checking an ID is by feeling it with your hands. Although bouncers outside a busy nightclub won’t do this due to lack of time, you can see liquor store owners often checking IDs this way. Running your fingers on the ID will reveal features like embossed writing and other laser engravings. Some fake IDs presented may also have a picture pasted on the original, and running a finger over it will let the person checking feel the inconsistency.

Components of a Fake ID in 2023

Valid ID cards are produced with details about the carrier and other features peculiar to the state. These details and features make up the components of the ID. The role of some of the ID components is to authenticate that the ID is valid. Aside from the ID photo, the authentication components are the focus of the bouncers when they examine your ID at bars, clubs, and parties.

Faking a valid ID would be a simple task if reproducing the authentication components wasn’t challenging to imitate. A little difference in these features could make the difference between you floating on wild fun or being pushed into a police van along with other wannabes.

In addition to the ID’s physical attributes, the person handing it over can also give away if it is fake. Doormen or store owners will observe you for any cues that may reveal the ID’s lack of authenticity.

What to Do When Handing Over Your Fake ID?

Another way to spot a fake ID, as we mentioned above, is through observation. Doormen and store owners will intentionally stare at you to get you out of your comfort zone so that you slip up. They are trying to see if you are nervous or shaky because many first-time users often are.

The key here is confidence. If you have never used a fake ID before, the first few times are crucial because you will naturally be nervous and doormen are good at picking up on these cues. Before you approach the person checking the IDs, breathe and make sure you’re not perspiring too heavily before handing that ID over.

An amateur counterfeit ID maker must be pretty sloppy to misspell your name or make a mistake on your date of birth, but that’s rarely the case. Even an amateur knows how to cut the exact ID size and correct the colors.

So, how can you tell it’s a fake ID when an amateur hands you what may be his finest work? Just look at the authentication components. Those are the features that separate amateurs from professional ID makers. Ensuring that the details are captured accurately on your fake ID is a necessary precaution that might keep you away from bagging a jail term.

When you look younger than your age (of course, you’re younger than your fake ID age) and hand your ID to a bouncer or a bartender, they often give you that stare intended to disarm you. They do this hoping you’d give them the slightest clue that you’re a fraud. The worst thing you’ll do is fall for that trap.

The End Goal

The only way you can achieve your beer goals with a fake ID is with confidence and convincing yourself that your ID is valid. This is why you must ensure your fake ID has the same quality as the valid type. When you have a quality fake ID, you won’t fidget or fail to maintain eye contact like people with obvious fakes.

Of course, feeling apprehensive when using a fake ID for the first time is expected. But if you take deep breaths, keep your nerves down, and do not sweat suspiciously, you’ll have what you seek. It takes confidence in your card, which begins with learning how to tell if it’s a fake ID.

The more you think about it, the more nervous you will be, so don’t think about it. Instead, think of it as a regular university ID that you have handed over countless times without fear of getting caught. Think back to a time when you handed over one of your real IDs and try to get yourself in a similar state of mind.

It goes without saying that before you hand the ID over, you should have memorized all the information on it. Practice for a few days so the information becomes second nature. A moment’s hesitance once you have handed the ID over can give away the whole game.

What Happens If You’re Caught?

To understand why knowing how to tell a real ID from a fake is an essential skill, imagine being waved down by a police officer, and you hear the usual request—license and regulations, please? This doesn’t mean much if you have nothing to hide, but you have every reason to fear when your license is fake. You’re safer knowing how to spot a fake license by looking at the components and deciphering where it varies from the valid one.

If you are caught and the bar decides to call the police, you may be charged for anything from a misdemeanor to a felony, depending on the state you are in. Each state has a law for underage drinking. For information on more; you can browse our fake id shop to review each stance of every state regarding this. However, this is a worst-case scenario that seldom happens. In fact, some police departments do not even respond to calls about teenagers using fake IDs.


Most bars will either confiscate the ID or refuse service. If a bouncer confiscates your ID, know when you have lost and do not argue. If you really want that ID back so that you can try somewhere else, come back at a later time so that the bouncer has had a chance to cool down and then try your luck.

Additionally, it is a good idea to look up the area the fake ID says you are from. Check maps for important landmarks, schools and places you would have visited had you really lived there. Doing this is important so that you are prepared in case, by a turn of fate, your ID is being checked by someone who is from the same area.

Want a quality fake ID with perfect replications of the authentication features? We’re here to fix you up with a scannable fake id.

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