Fake ID Guide: Taking a Photo For Your License

Agood fake ID is going to cost you a considerable amount of money. If you are going to spend that much, do not let your money go to waste by using a sub-par photograph. Invest some effort into taking a proper photo that conforms to the DMV’s standards.

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  1. Fake ID Picture Tips

Remember, we can’t work our magic on a photo that’s too bad to edit. Selfies, blurred photos or photos with shades are all examples of photographs that cannot be fixed with an edit. The point of a fake ID photo is to make it look the same as the real thing.

That’s the only way it could pass without being detected by authorities. If you have used a fake ID before, you must be familiar with the tension when the person examining your ID keeps moving back and forth between the ID and your face. It’s one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can ever have because you know you’re guilty. Even when you escape undetected, you know such tension is not one you’d like to experience every time.

Selfies, blurred photos or photos with shades are all examples of photographs that cannot be fixed with an edit.

Fake ID Picture Tips

Our fake ID picture tips can give you the same confidence level with your fake ID as someone carrying a valid one. It’s all about the ID photos. You may be one of those who miss the point of fake ID photos by thinking it’s about making them look perfect.

You must realize that taking a picture for a fake ID is entirely different from taking one for Instagram. When authorities examine your ID, they are looking for similarities with you or sniffing for a hint that the document you have presented is fake.

Steps to Take a Good Fake ID Photo

To make a fake ID photo appear valid, you must incorporate imperfections that make you look like you. For this reason, you must distinguish between fake ID photos for glamor magazines and over-edited pictures for Instagram. The essential difference is that in pictures for mags and IG, you’re pursuing an image you want your audience to have of you. A good fake ID photo is supposed to minimize or eliminate any traces of suspicion.

Why is a Good Fake ID Photo Necessary?

  1. You could save the money you would have to pay for a professional photographer.
  2. ID photos have guidelines, and learning to do it yourself will save you more time.
  3. To make a fake ID is about understanding what is needed to make it look natural. And it is much easier to do it a hundred times by yourself than to try and fail five times with a photographer.

Play by The Rules

We will first go over some specific guidelines that will ensure your photo does not give away the fact that it was taken at home and not at the DMV. We will then go through some general considerations for taking a good photo.

Usually, every state in the US has requirements for their IDs, which vary. However, every valid ID card has two distinct components that stand out in all the states:

1. The Background

The first thing you need to consider before taking a picture of your fake ID is the background requirement of the state id you want to fake. It’s weird when people wonder how their IDs were spotted as fake when the background color differs from that of a valid ID.

To ensure your fake ID appears as realistic as possible, you have to pay as much attention to the background as you pay to how you look in the photo. Does the state want a white or blue background? Ensure that the color behind you is not screaming fake when your face shows all shades of innocence.

However, you can bypass the struggle by adhering to each state’s requirements by going for a national ID. The regulations and conditions for a national ID are the same for all the states and faking it is the same as killing fifty birds with one stone.

2. The Look

You need to consider the second component of a valid ID our appearance is simply how you look in the background. They know that no valid ID would approve a photo, which raises suspicion you may be trying to play them. The fake id front depends on how properly your photo is fitted into the card.

So, when taking photos for a fake ID, ensure that the picture doesn’t appear casual, like a vacation look. The image must be of high quality and not a manageable selfie. Your face should be upright, looking straight at the camera with a slight but genuine smile to humanize the outcome.

How you handle your hair is essential to making your appearance believable. Ensure it’s not covering your face, and don’t do any weird haircut that makes you look like you’re impersonating someone else. Also, you should not wear heavy makeup or accessories like a hat, glasses, or anything that would make you look different. Remember, the goal for a fake ID picture differs from that of glamor magazines. You have to look like you.

Nonetheless, with a bit of effort, you can easily manage some specific guidelines that will ensure your photo does not give away the fact that it was taken at home and not at the DMV. We will then go through some general considerations for taking a good photo.

Specific Guidelines

Firstly, and most importantly, keep an original driver’s license for the state you are getting the ID for as reference. When unsure, match the photo you have taken with the one on the ID card. Among other things, this will tell you which background to use for your photo.

Taking good fake ID pictures may not be as sophisticated as other kinds of photography, but you still need some equipment to take a picture that meets the requirements. Of course, you need a camera, but you also need editing tools to ensure your fake ID pic shines with a professional touch.

Setting Up the Photo

A Photobooth is a controlled environment where light is balanced optimally to eliminate shadows and create a natural-looking photo. In order to take the perfect photo, you will need to set up this environment. For this purpose, follow the steps below:

  • Take the picture with either a digital camera or a high-resolution phone camera with the flash on.
  • Do not take a selfie.
  • Stay away from windows and natural sunlight.
  • Make sure the picture is being taken in a well-lit room to avoid shadows.
  • Avoid standing near a ceiling bulb as that results in uneven shadows.
  • It is always best to take the picture in front of a poster board that is the same color as the background you want. Altering the background later with (PHOTOSHOP), although acceptable, does not look as natural as an unaltered picture.
  • Place the camera at a distance of not more than 4 ft from your position.
  • The camera should be at the same height as your face.

Some Dos & Don’ts of Driver’s License Photos

  • Keep your head straight. Don’t lift it too high or drop it too low.
  • Look straight into the camera.
  • Do not wear any type of headgear, like hats or caps.
  • Religious headgear is acceptable, but do not cover your face.
  • Keep your hair away from your eyes.
  • Avoid wearing glasses unless prescribed, as they can catch glare from the flash.
  • Don’t laugh. Although it is okay to wear a light smile, it is very easy to overdo it. Rather than a smile, it is best to wear a friendly expression so that you do not look too grumpy. Imagine what your expression would be if you had just been pulled over by a cop and go with that.

The state you have selected for your ID may also have its own specific requirements for the photo. Read the state’s regulations concerning ID photos and always keep an original ID of that state with you as reference.

Equipment for a Fake ID Photo

Camera Vs Tripod

A bad photo that doesn’t look like you at first glance runs the risk of closer examination. This wouldn’t be a problem if you had an original government-issued ID. A fake ID, however, is another story altogether and closer examination might just get you in trouble. Hence, you need to consider every little detail when taking a picture.

A professional camera can make all the difference in making your fake ID look convincing. While a professional camera may be the best choice, a good smartphone camera can also get the job done.

The fuzz about a professional camera is that it has better features to produce a better photo. Do you know how a picture looks when a government employee captures your image? Professional cameras will help you achieve the same result better and faster.

Many smartphone cameras have similar tools as professional cameras. You can create good fake ID photos with the best settings. What’s more, smartphones are cheaper than professional cameras.

You can tell if a picture was a selfie from the position of the shoulders of the person in the image. Usually, holding a camera when trying to take a photo of yourself makes your shoulder go up in an uncomfortable position.

Guess what? There is no valid ID where the bearers took the pictures themselves. You might need a tripod to prop your camera to reduce the suspicion that might result from that awkward bump on your shoulder. A tripod will also help you achieve stability and save you from the stress of taking the same photo several times to ensure you get the perfect angle.

General Considerations

1. Dress Properly

Depending on the type of background you are shooting in front of, some colors are okay to wear, while others not so much. For example, wearing a blue dress in front of a blue background would not work.

It is also advisable not to wear either white or black. White tops might blend in with the background as the background is a light color. Similarly, black tops won’t do you any favors in terms of contrast. Light-skinned people often look pale when the picture is taken with a black shirt on.

It is ideal to wear soft colors that aren’t too dark or sharp. Shirts and tops with phrases or slogans should also be avoided so that the picture looks neat and presentable.

2. Be Careful with Your Eyes

If you do not want your picture to look like a serial killer on the loose, you need to be careful about how your eyes look. In case your eyes are strained because of an illness or allergies, use eye drops before getting the picture taken to avoid bloodshot eyes.

It is also important to know how much to open them. For a natural-looking picture, open your eyes completely so that you do not look like you are going to doze off. At the same time, be careful about opening them too wide or else your eyeballs might look like they are going to pop out.

Also, do not take the photo if you have been partying the previous night. Even if you are not hungover, your eyes will be tired and it will show.

3. Tidy Up Your Hair

It is very important to keep your hair away from your eyes. Brush your hair before the picture so that it is neat and tidy and you do not look like you have just crawled out of bed.

It also advisable to style your hair the way you wear it most often. Although this is not a requirement, the way you do your hair can completely change the way you look. You wouldn’t want people questioning if it really is you in the ID.

Editing Realness into Fake IDs

Some editing is necessary to make your fake ID photo resemble the real thing. Even when it appears perfect, you may need to crop and adjust the angles to get it down to the correct size. A valid ID has a particular size, and within that size is a specific size where the photo should go. Every fake ID template must imitate these dimensions ideally to look original.

Also, you may need to adjust the contrast, brightness, and other exposure features to achieve the same look as the valid IDs. Professional tools like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom come in handy for technical editing. You may need to learn how to use these professional tools to achieve the best result possible. Other editing software options include photos-passport photo editing, ID photo-passport photo master, and passport-photo ID photo.


TOP FAKE IDA premium fake ID by Topfakeid.com, will replicate each component of a state’s original ID to minimize chances of detection. However, even then a fake ID can be given away by an unprofessional photo that does not follow the guidelines. Following the above guidelines will ensure that you get a premium photo for your premium fake ID.

Guess what? When your fake ID appears as original as the real thing, it offers you the same confidence level as people with valid IDs. It ensures that you don’t have to look shifty or tense when the authorities keep looking back and forth between the ID and your face.

Taking the perfect fake ID photo is a simple task for someone who knows the requirements. Unfortunately, many fake ID photo tips don’t cover these grounds that ensure you get through without hitches. We understand if you can’t be bothered with the precision required to get the best fake ID pictures, which is why we are here to help you fake it until you make it.

Need help taking good fake ID photos, printing them, and laminating them? Let’s talk!

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